We deliver music and creative activities to people who have been disadvantaged through disability, poverty, addiction or personal circumstance. It has been proven that active participation in music has multiple benefits on emotional well-being and physical and mental health.

Music Prescription workshops and sessions can help empower disadvantaged people, giving them the chance to gain new skills, express themselves and enjoy the creative experience. We’re able to guide participants on their creative journeys to help them realise their full potential. Whether it’s simply having fun, performing or looking for opportunities in the music and creative industries.

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Music Prescription offers a range of creative activities, specifically music based, through workshops and tuition in safe spaces for participants to improve their wellbeing and life chances.

We provide our services to those of all ages who need it most, improving self-esteem, confidence and life chances. For some people mainstream education does not meet or suit their needs, but creative engagement invariably improves learning and progress in all areas of study.

We provide benefit to individuals and groups who are facing additional hardships and complex situations, including anxiety, exclusion and barriers to opportunity. We work extensively with Turning Point and the recovery community, as well as community, disability and mental health organisations. We also have had considerable experience working with Pupil Referral Units and Special Educational organisations.

We have a wide working knowledge of the music industry including performance, recording, composition, workshops and one to one tuition. Through positive and active engagement our sessions can lead to improvements in physical well-being, mental health, confidence and self esteem. 

Whether you’re a complete novice just looking to have some musical fun, or a more experienced musician, our sessions can lead to qualifications and possibly a career in music or creative arts, but the focus will be on having a good time.

We have specific expertise and experience working in both the Disability & Mental Health and Recovery sectors, click on the buttons below for more information.

What to expect from a Music Prescription session…

Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experienced tutors and improve their well-being, confidence, self-esteem in addition to making music.

We will encourage and offer opportunity for networking with local venues, open mic sessions, festivals, studios and industry professionals providing further opportunities down the line.

We offer sessions to all ages and abilities and above all, our sessions will be fun!


Twenty years’ worth of guitar lessons in 30 minute!’

What makes Music Prescription different?

We are focussed on the specific individual needs of each participant.

We want people to enjoy themselves and develop their creativity.


You guys have no idea how much these sessions mean to us and how much they help us’

Client Testimonials

The following quotes are from past participants…

I have had guitar lessons with Tim since high school when I had just discovered music and began learning guitar, Tim has the ability to make you feel at ease, with his approachable and friendly personality.

Tim has always been patient and understanding of my individual learning process and has been a positive force in helping me achieve my level of playing.

I feel relaxed with Tim’s teaching style, with his passion for all styles and genres of music and his great sense of humour keeps me motivated.

I am now attending a sixth form college and alongside my studies, Tim has helped me achieve a distinction in grade 8 electric guitar.

Tim has also helped me gain extremely valuable work experience which has helped me improve my skills in teamworking, communication and confidence, as well as providing many new opportunities to perform live. The experience I have gained so far working with Tim has massively contributed to my goal of becoming a full-time musician and live performer’

Music Student

‘Tim currently runs a drumming workshop at our supported living centre for adults with learning disabilities.

Tim has done this for many years now and our residents are always excited, when they know Tim will be coming. Tim has been great at getting to know each of the individuals so that their needs are always met, during these sessions, as many enjoy the sensory experience it entails.

Tim has always been patient and extra supportive to the residents that have required it and is always full of encouragement for them; so that their wellbeing needs are being met during the sessions. Tim is always on time to his sessions and is very friendly to not just the residents but also to staff members as well.

JK, in particular, enjoys Tim’s sessions and says ‘It’s good because always different. He (Tim) involves us and lets me play his guitar. I like the music. It makes me happy.’

Sarah marshall-gibbs mencap

Tim, You are an absolute superstar!

As you are fully aware I bring one of the young men with learning disabilities to you for drumming sessions. He thoroughly enjoys every moment as do I! His excitement in the car on the drive to you is such a joy to see.

You are so patient as you are with the other guys with learning disabilities in the session. I find it incredible to see how attentive you are to their needs.

You always make an effort to keep them excited and entertained. Every week is a new surprise and they always end the session feeling positive and proud of themselves.

Every centre would benefit having you incorporated into the needs of their young men and ladies with learning disabilities. Would be amazing to spread this joy.

Thank you for being who you are, we all truly appreciate you.

Monika – Support worker Mencap

Tim Ainslie


Ali Henty


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